Gallant CA | Assurance & Accounting

As an executive or business owner, you wish to work with competent and experienced professionals who will efficiently meet the timely and specific needs of your corporation, and who will carry out in-depth analysis relating to accounting, financial and tax matters.

We favour constant communication and support to help you make the best financial decisions, ensure growth and success of your corporation whilst maximizing your competitiveness.

Count on us at every stage of your corporation's development. You will be able to run your business worry-free and trust that you are being supported by our management and financial experts who will support you in the preparation of business plans, budgets, and financial forecasting.

We will also be present when the time comes to think about your succession, to guide you throughout this transition, as faithful partners of your success.


Areas of Expertise

Accounting and Assurance

  • Preparation of financial statements, notice to reader, review engagement report
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns and related documents
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of various reports to be handed to tax authorities (sales tax, payroll deductions, T4, T5, etc.)
  • Monthly or quarterly accounting assistance
  • Implementation of an accounting system
  • Accounting staff training

Specific Mandates

  • Business start-up
  • Growth plan
  • Assistance with the preparation of business plans, budgets and financial forecasting
  • Assistance with loans or grants applications
  • Payroll management
  • Interim management
  • Review and improvement of business practices
  • Consultation and expertise to transform challenges into solutions
  • Operational strategies
  • Integration of technological tools in management
  • Internal control solutions
  • Governance and risk management