Individuals and estate 

As an individual is subject to an unbridled pace of life, you may have postponed optimizing your personal tax situation. Yet many planning elements need to be considered in order to reduce your tax burden, both in terms of personal and inheritance taxes.

Are you in possession of property outside of Quebec? Outside of Canada? Would you like to minimize the possible effects of double taxation that may arise as a result of your death? Our in-depth knowledge, our personalized approach and the solutions we offer will allow you to achieve your goals when transferring your assets.

When all goes well, you think about the future, your family, what your life will look like in 10, 15 or 20 years... Death is usually not the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s often forgotten.  However, planning your estate helps not only to take care of your financial situation, but also to minimize (or reduce) the burden of your loved ones when the time of farewells will come. If you were in an accident tomorrow, would at least one person in your environment be able to retrieve your documents? Bills to pay, safety deposit box, bank accounts, investments, mortgage loans, life insurance, pension funds, other important documents... In addition, with the new challenges of the digital age, we must also consider your virtual heritage. On top of that, it is not always easy to manage all this if you haven’t kept an updated balance sheet of all your assets.

Let’s keep in mind that planning your estate is above all an act of love for your loved ones. To write a will and to foresee the future is to give you the means to have peace of mind as to the future. It’s this peace of mind that we can bring you through our professional services and advice.

Areas of Expertise

Tax compliance of individuals and trusts

  • Year-End tax planning
  • Preparing personal income tax returns
  • Preparing trust income tax returns
  • Income splitting
  • Tax advice to the self-employed
  • Tax tips for rental building owners

Planning and estate settlement

  • Final deceased income tax returns
  • Estate tax
  • Estate and testamentary planning
  • Calculation of the tax impacts of the transfer of properties on death
  • Support for the liquidation of Canadian and cross-border estate

Tax and financial planning

  • Tax strategies to reduce or defer tax
  • Personnal tax planning
  • Planning for retirement
  • Personal budget preparation and analysis
  • Preparation of the patrimonial balance sheet
  • Preservation of family assets