Tax Litigation

When tax authorities knock on your door, it is strongly recommended that you consult your advisors in order to fully comprehend the extent of their demands and more importantly, to minimize the negative impacts that may result at a corporate or personal level.

We offer help with regards to auditing from tax authorities and assistance with whatever may result from this process, such as notices of assessment or objections.  

Our firm offers in-house team of experts who works to assist you through specific tax issues, in such high-profile areas as voluntary disclosures of foreign assets and scientific research & experimental development (SR&ED).

We will also represent you in all the various specific demands that you will receive from tax authorities.


Areas of Expertise

Tax litigation with regards to personal and corporate income tax, commodity sales taxes and SR&ED

  • Assistance/representation in the context of tax audit
  • Production and drafting of notice of objections
  • Assistance with regards to letters of requirement
  • Tax collection
  • Payment settlement agreements
  • Negotiation with tax authorities
  • Voluntary disclosure