Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED)

For over 25 years, the firm has claimed a leadership position in SR&ED tax credit within the tax and financial communities as well as with various governmental authorities.

We advise innovative companies in several sectors including : medical, pharmaceutical, food, aerospcae, manufacturing, plastic, automobile, information technology.

The firm plays a significant and active role in the overall progress of the SR&ED practice and legislation through round-table meetings, conferences, publications and leading advisory boards, including CPA Canada. In addition, the firm presents the tax component of SR&ED at the master's taxation program of the University of Sherbrooke.

Our case by case or "turn-key" approach, tailored to your needs, enables us to offer a centralized team of experts consisting of scientists, tax specialists, accountants, financial advisors and lawyers. Our expertise will allow you to take advantage of many other tax credits, such as the e-business development and credits related to new sectors of the economy.

In partnership with our international tax experts, we will also advise you on SR&ED incentives offered abroad and guide you to benefit from the full advantage of your expansion.

Finally, the firm is able to assist you for the purposes of the "deduction for innovative manufacturing corporations" (DIMC), a patent box system implemented in Quebec for yaxation years beginning in 2017.


Areas of Expertise

Assistance with SR&ED Tax Credits Claims

  • Personnel training (scientific and financial) on the SR&ED program and its requirements
  • Analysis and assistance regarding the implementation of a document management system
  • Identification of eligible projects, activities and expenses
  • Technical documentation review supporting your claim
  • Production or support in drafting technical descriptions of eligible projects
  • Calculation of SR&ED tax credit claims
  • Preparation of income tax returns and prescribed claim forms
  • Consultation with tax authorities

Taxation Planning and Optimization of SR&ED Tax Credits

  • Assistance with the Quebec's deduction for innovative manufacturing corporations (DIMC)
  • Corporate structure review for tax optimisation purposes
  • Partnerships (universities or authorized research facilities, pre-competitive research projects, etc.)
  • Requests for advance rulings regarding research contracts with a university or a prescribed research facility
  • Technological transfer : assistance with respect to tax impacts (structures, types of transfer, royalties, cross-border issues, etc.)
  • Representation before the tax authorities and assistance with the objection process