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Master in Taxation, University of Sherbrooke

Bachelor in Business Administration, specialised in accounting, UQAM



Publications, Teaching and Conferences

Mylène Coallier, B.A.A., M.Fisc.

Graduated from UQAM with a specialized BBA in accounting, she perfected her academics by completing the master's degree in taxation from the University of Sherbrooke.

Cumulating ten years of experience and expertise in the trust services of the largest financial institution in Canada, where she practiced in areas such as individuals, estate and trust taxation, estate settlement, as well as being Senior Agency account manager for Western Canada region, she then pursued her advisory practice as a tax consultant.

From 2003, she thus worked closely with the tax firm Gallant, focusing on individual taxes and estate planning, including counselling on complex cross-border issues of multi-jurisdiction estates. In addition, she developed a particular expertise with SR&ED credit.

In 2015, she joined the team of partners of the firm as head of the tax services dedicated to individuals, trusts and estates.

Alongside, she acted as director of thesis relating to death taxes and estate planning.

She is also a member, author and speaker with APFF, being also actively involved in the continuing update of the reference book "Income Taxes and death", a reference book originally written by Me Marc Jolin. In addition, she also contributes to the continuing update of the "Federal Tax Guide" published by CCH Wolters Kluwer.